109th President of the American Society for Engineering Education


Dr. D. Lewis Abata

Professor, ASEE Fellow

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Office: Civil Mechanical Building Rm 125 (campus map)

Office Phone: 605-394-6070


email:  duane.abata@sdsmt.edu

     Dr. Abata is a registered Professional Engineer




Research Areas: Combustion, Fuels, Internal Combustion Engines, Emissions



Dr. Abata has been involved with engine and combustion research for over twenty five years.  His work encompasses aspects of both homogeneous and heterogeneous combustion in many areas including ignition, flame propagation, pollutant formation and emissions.  He has worked for several industries including Ford, Chrysler, and General Motors as well as the United States government.  His current research are in the areas of stationary engine design and emissions for the oil and gas industries.


For the department, Dr. Abata teaches in the energy related fields of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, combustion, and energy systems analysis and design. 





Diesel engine combustion observed through a quartz piston crown approximately ten degrees after ignition.



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